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Remarques sur les révisions

Nom de version : aevol-4.1

Notes de version
New in 4.1

* Ported the "extract" post-treatment from version 3.
  This programs can extract from a backup the sequence and the list of all
  proteins for every individual in an easily parsable text-based format.

* aevol_modify allows to modify the axis features and segmentation as well as
  secretion properties

* Added man pages for the 4 main executables

Bugs fixed in 4.1

* Supressed memory leaks

* Introduced in 4.0: Major bias in the spatial competition caused by a bad

* In aevol_modify, changing environment gaussians was causing a segfault when
  NOT using environmental variations.

* Bug #279: make install no longer fails with error
branch releases/aevol-4.1, rev 423